National geographic adventure cancellation

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the magazine informed me that they are not going to continue with this publication and instead they want to send me another version (travel) that i am not intewrested in.

i tried to cancel my subscription via phone and could not do it. your system does not pick up the adventure version and "reads" that my subscription was cancelled in march 2009????

if i cannot receive what i want then i want to cancel my subscription and get my refund

i tried to contact directly the magazine and could not cancel either

please contact me

juan e martinez or 786-295-3096

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The same thing happened to me.I'm gonna try to see if I can get it on CD-Rom either legally or um yeah....

It definitely sucks though.

I really enjoyed reading that mag.

Traveler is retarded.I don't know why they didn't just switch to the regular magazine or give me my money back.

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